Round Wreaths have always been a traditional way to remember someone you love.

  1. Pinks & Purples Wreath

    Pink & Purple flower wreath Learn More
  2. Red & Yellows Wreath

    Red & Yellow flowers wreath Learn More
  3. Roses/Lillies & Freesia

    Roses , lillies & Freesia Learn More
  4. Exotic Ring

    Exotic Wreath Learn More
  5. Rose & Calla Lily Wreath

    Roses & Calla Liliy Learn More
  6. Printed Ribbons

    We can print a name or word on a Ribbon to attach to your Wreath, Posie or Spray. We also carry ribbon in Red, Lilac, Cream and Green to tie in with the colour of your floral tribute. Learn More
  7. Yellow Ring Wreath

    Classic Wreath ring Learn More
  8. Wreath with Ribbon

    Ribbon Wreath Learn More
  9. Grouped Wreath

    Flowers grouped in a wreath Learn More